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Sak Yant tattoos - a cultural tradition in Thailand.

Sak Yant tattoos are symbols of the Buddhist faith and are an integral part of the local culture in Chiang Mai. The designs are geometric in nature and feature the symbols of the Buddha. Some of the designs also feature deities or mythical creatures from the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. These tattoos can serve many purposes.

The process of getting a sak yant tattoo is highly ritualized. Only tattoo masters who understand the meaning and the power of this ancient art form are qualified to perform sak yant tattoos. The process is highly involved, beginning with a long discussion between you and your tattoo artist. This is followed by a series of prayers and additional rituals. In some cases, there will even be elements of magic involved in the process.

Sak Yant Tattoos Chiang Mai

In the traditional Thai style of tattooing, a Buddhist monk gives a tattoo in a small temple in the country. The monk uses a metal needle, a rag or tissue, and special magical ink to create a unique tattoo design. The monk will work with bare hands and disinfect the needle before using it. The process is centuries old and has not yet been modified to meet modern hygiene standards.

In our Tattoo Shop we provide you with the highest hygiene standard to make your Sak Yant Tattoo in a safe environment.

When compared to Western tattoos, the Sak Yant method is less painful, since the tattoo is performed by hand and the needle does not penetrate as deeply. Moreover, the tattooing process is slower, allowing the body time to recover from the procedure. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to bow to the monk and donate to the temple. These donations are used to improve the temple and help the community. The monks live in a working temple and devote their lives to studying the words of Buddha.

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