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Warp Tattoo Chiang Mai

Tattoo hygiene is a vital part of any tattoo studio and we at Warp Tattoo Chiang Mai take hygiene very seriously. 

This results in safety for our tattoo artists and you, our customer! 

We adhere to strict guidelines for our tattoo shop, making it a routine to clean our shop every day before any customer walks in.
tattoo hygiene at warp tattoo chiang mai
tattoo hygiene at warp tattoo chiang mai

We ensure that:

  • Our whole tattoo shop is getting cleaned every morning.
  • The tattoo area is fully cleaned with an antiseptic spray.
  • All tattoo artists wear a face mask ensuring your safety.
  • Every tattoo artist washes their hands before, between (if necessary) and after your tattoo session.
  • All tattoo-beds, chairs, and any other area you’re getting tattooed are cleaned and sterilized between customers.
  • When getting your tattoo, the bench you get your tattoo on will be covered with a plastic wrap which we’ll replace after your tattoo is finished and wrap/sterilize again for the next customer.
  • We only use disposable gloves once, and if necessary, change them during your tattoo-session.
  • Our ink comes in small plastic containers.
  • We use needles, tubes, tips, plastic wraps, and all other disposable tools only once per customer.
  • All items which are used for your new tattoo such as needles are sterile and pre-packed and will be opened in front of you before getting your tattoo.
  • Hazardous waste is such as needles, razors, gloves are disposed properly.
  • Finally, the next day, the whole hygiene routine starts again.

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