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Bamboo tattooing has been practiced in Southeast Asia for thousands of years. A traditional bamboo tattoo is a ancient technique where the tattoo is made using a fine, sharpened bamboo stick. This bamboo stick is hand poked into the skin, which takes time, effort and a lot of practice. With a bamboo stick you get thiner lines than with a usual tattoo machine, which makes it desirable for many customers.

Since it is more work, bamboo tattoos are generally more expensive than traditional tattoos.

In many Asian Countries Bamboo Tattoos are viewed as sacred. People believe they give you certain powers  associated with healing, luck, strength, and protection against evil.

Some of our tattoo artists make bamboo tattoos whereas others prefer to use their machines and make traditional tattoos.

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If you’re eager to get a bamboo tattoo in Chiang Mai, visit our shop and let us discuss which bamboo tattoo you would like. You can walk-in, no problem. We are happy to help you with your tattoo decision!

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