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All about what and what not to do when getting a tattoo at Warp Tattoo Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The price of a tattoo depends on the size, color, tattoo style, difficulty and much more. If you’re looking for a small tattoo, our price starts at 1000 THB. Traditional Bamboo Tattoos starts at 2000 Baht for a small tattoo.

Yes, you will have to deposit a certain amount depending on your tattoo style, tattoo size and color.

Deposits at Warp Tattoo are non-refundable but if you have a friend who wants to get a tattoo, we use your deposit for her/him.

If you cancel 24 hours before your appointment your deposit is non-refundable.

The design is free of charge, however, we only start after we have received a non-refundable deposit. You tell us what you want and we design the tattoo until you are 100% satisfied.

We accept cash, credit card, Alipay and crypto payments.

Sure, we are happy to welcome anyone who shows up at our shop!

Yes, we offer custom designed tattoos at Warp Tattoo Studio. You just have to tell us what you imagine and we start designing. Once you are happy with the design you get your custom tailored tattoo.

If you are 18 years or older we are happy to get your tattoo done.

Tattoos are totally safe. But you have to take care after you get it. Don’t go swimming or expose your tattoo to sunlight.

If you have any medical conditions such as allergies, heart disease, diabetes, skin disorders or conditions that affect the immune system you will have to consult a doctor before visiting us. Also you will have to show us a letter from your doctor saying that you’re good for getting a tattoo.

It differs from person to person. But in general your tattoo will be fully healed within 4 weeks, The healing process is depends also on the size and tattoo style. A minimal tattoo with no color will heal faster than a big complex colored tattoo.

We use fusion ink and eternal ink, both US companies with great reputation. Both brands are without any animal by-products and vegan.




At Warp Tattoo Studio Chiang Mai we are serious and very strict about Health and Safety Standards. Our Tattoo Shop is getting cleaned every day, so our customers will find a super clean Tattoo environment. Our Tattoo Artists are well trained regarding safety and will only use needles once, disposable gloves and a breathable tattoo wrap (when your tattoo is finished).

Read about all the things you should or shouldn't do before getting a tattoo!

Before getting your tattoo you should not go out and party. You should stay sober at least 24 hours before you get your new tattoo. Alcohol will cause excess bleeding during the tattooing, which will impair the artist’s vision and ability to trace and tattoo properly. Moreover, you can expect the tattoo artist to mess up the tattoo due to lack of visibility caused by the bleeding

If you are drunk when you enter our shop, you will have to leave and you will loose your deposit.

If you take certain pills such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen your body will cause excess bleeding during the tattooing. So please, don’t take any blood thinning pills at least 24 hours before getting your tattoo.

The artist will shave the necessary area for you.

If you come to our tattoo studio, please wear comfortable, loose clothes. You will be comfortable during the tattoo process and you will be able to breath properly, helping your skin to breathe as well.




Tattoo aftercare. All you need to know to give your new tattoo the best aftercare.

Once your tattoo is finished the artist will apply a Breathable Tattoo Wrap on the area. This Breathable Tattoo Wrap is flexible, breathable, water resistant, hypo-allergenic and prevents penetration of dirt and germs. Though your new tattoo is like an open wound the wrap will keep it safe. We recommend to keep the wrap on your new tattoo for at least one day.

After you have taken of the wrap, clean it with water and pat dry it for the next 2-3 days.

CAUTION: Don’t use soap, lotion, shower gel or any other sort of cleansing product!

Then you can start applying a thin layer of Bepanthen on your new tattoo daily.
(You can buy one in our shop or in almost any pharmacy store in Chiang Mai)

Your new tattoo will be itchy and it will peel and scab. Please don’t scratch or try to remove the scab. If you do, the ink will come out and your tattoo will suffer.

Just wash it with clean hands and an antibacterial soap.

You can take cold showers, and then take care of your tattoo. Also don’t wear tight clothes to let your tattoo space to breathe.

You shouldn’t expose your new tattoo to sunlight, wear long pants or long sleeve shirts.

Swimming in a pool or the ocean is also restricted.

We highly recommend not to do any workout during the healing process of your tattoo.

It differs from person to person. But in general your tattoo will be fully healed within 4 weeks, The healing process depends also on the size and tattoo style. A minimal tattoo with no color will heal faster than a big complex colored tattoo.

If you have any more questions, please give us a call and we will gladly answer all your questions.

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