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Mandala Tattoo Chiang Mai

A mandala tattoo is an intricate design that represents the person's role in the universe.

This design is generally based around the chakras in the body and is available in a variety of styles and colors.

There are many tattoo artists that specialize in mandalas. One type of mandala tattoo is called a Metatron's Cube, and it is a design that consists of every geometric shape. The cube represents the building blocks of life, and it is also believed to transform negative energy into positive energy.

Another type of mandala tattoo design is an abstract one. This design features interconnected lines and shapes that can be easily manipulated to fit any area of the body. This design is great for adding cohesion to a tattoo, as it is easy to incorporate into any area.

Geometric Tattoo Chiang Mai

Geometric tattoos are gaining more and more popularity as they usually symbolize harmony, order, balance, especially if you use geometric shapes.

Geometric tattoos come in any style or form so you as the customer having infinite design variations to choose from.

You can choose a simple triangle or cube which will make it not only a geometric but also a minimal tattoo.

If you want a more prominent geometric tattoo, we will find a meaningful symbol matching with your original geometric tattoo idea.

Struggle finding the right Geometric Tattoo?

We at Warp Tattoo Chiang Mai are happy to help you if you struggle finding a geometric shape or style.

Just visit our Tattoo Shop in Chiang Mai and let’s talk about your new geometric or mandala tattoo!

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