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Black work tattoos have like most tattoos a long tradition which dates back centuries. They where first made by Polynesian tribes, giving the blackwork owner a way to communicate their status, identity and religious beliefs.

At first black work tattoos where simple patterns but the evolved to unique and (sometimes) very complex tattoo designs.

Blackwork Tattoos have evolved into a contemporary art form and they are very popular nowadays. As the color implies only black ink is used for those tattoos.

Blackwork tattoos are bold, thick lines and shapes forming a unique art-piece for the tattoo owner. They can also be used to tell a unique story of the person wearing it.

Black Work Tattoos - Combinations with Geometric and Dotwork Tattoos

It isn’t uncommon to mix black work tattoos with other tattoo styles such as geometric tattoos or dotwork tattoos. Combining different styles makes your blackwork tattoo more complex and intriguing.

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