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If you're looking for a new tattoo design, consider choosing a realistic tattoo design. These tattoos feature realistic details, such as scale and hair detail. Some are even so detailed that you'll feel like you're holding dewdrops. The line-work, shading, and contrast are also impressive.

Most realistic tattoo styles feature a central theme such as a picture of an animal or a portrait. They also feature details of muscles, bones, and blood. Traditionally, these designs were hand carved. Today, they're often done with fine line work and grayscale color palettes to give them more life.

Realistic Tattoos Chiang Mai

If you want a realistic tattoo, we have the perfect artists with the right skills. Realistic tattoos require great attention to detail, time, and technique. Our Artists who specialized in this style have a strong grasp of color conjugation, understand needle pressure, and master shadow work.

You'll want your tattoo to look as realistic as possible, as the art is both a reflection of your personality and the way you look - and that's what you'll get in our tattoo shop!

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